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  1. "'Sometimes the curtains part...,' 1/6 - 3/10/86, 11/01 - 11/03/21," engagements 1-22

    "'Sometimes the curtains part...,' 1/6 - 3/10/86, 11/01 - 11/03/21," engagements 1-22

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      "'Sometimes the curtains part...,' 1/6 - 3/10/86, 11/01 - 11/03/21," engagements 1-22

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    Untitled (Journals Found & Kept), 2018 - ongoing, analogue photographs of handwritten journal entries, found and created, size variable.

    When a family member passed away in 2017 and an uncle suggested handing-around her journals as everyone fiddled reflectively about the living room after her memorial service, I began thinking about this weird and intimate posthumous portrait of selfhood that is one’s private written life. For instance, we read several of her unsent love poems to someone who seemed to be a coworker... to our knowledge, a relationship never actualized, never acknowledged verbally. Apparently upon her death, Sontag’s own journals too held an emotional rhizome, atypical of the pointed thought so marked by her other writing... How do our inner thoughts carry into life actions and perceptions that implicate the world beyond our front door?


    2021 Writ, group exhibition, curated by Sarah E. Brook, Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

    2019 Install/Deinstall, experimental group exhibition, curated by Gabriela Vainsencher, 601 ArtSpace, NY, NY.

    2018 “Instant Satisfaction,” group exhibition, Happy Lucky No.1, curated by Andrew Zaca, Brooklyn, NY.

    2018 Private Psychotherapy Practice, Downtown Manhattan, NY.

  2. Revising the Text(s)

    ongoing, 2017-

    A series of photographs and writings that experiment with the ever-evolving quality of mental space in its attempt to land on understandings.


    2020 “Twelve Labors: #3,” curated by Rachel Hillery, Hercules Art, NY, January.

    2019 “Mimeo Microphone,” St. Mark’s Poetry Project, curated by Laura Henriksen, performative reading, Nov. 4.

    2018 “Revising the Text(s),” ArtSlant, abridged e-book with hypertext (offered), edited by Joel Kuennan.

    2017 Various Existential Angsts, group exhibition, NARS Gallery, curated by Eriola Pira, Brooklyn, NY, Sept.

    2017 OPEN STUDIOS, Marble House Project, Vermont, May.

  3. Exhibitions:

    2021    “Winter Light,” group exhibition, organized by Sasha Chavchavadze (Footnote Gallery), Gowanus Dredgers, December, Brooklyn, NY.

    2021    “Writ,” group exhibition,  curator Sarah E. Brook, Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

    2020    “Projections on Empathy,” curator James Czarzan, Famous Chimps, a non-corporeal gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

    2020    “Redirect,” group exhibition, curator Suzanne Dittenbar, Tiger Strikes Asteroid SE/Revolve/RAMP Gallery, Asheville, NC.

    2019    ascent/assent, group exhibition, curator Joyce Lee, Buckley Memorial Gallery, Madeleine L’Engle Foundation, New York.

    2019    Install/Deinstall, experimental group exhibition, curator Gabriela Vainsencher, 601 ArtSpace, New York.

    2019    Every Woman Biennial, group exhibition, 222 Broadway, curator C. Finley, New York, NY.

    2018    “Instant Satisfaction,” group exhibition, Happy Lucky No.1, curator Andrew Zaca, Brooklyn, NY.

    2018    “Art and Friendship,” group exhibition, Green Door Gallery, curator Paul Anel.  Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    2017    Various Existential Angsts, group exhibition, NARS Gallery, curator Eriola Pira, Brooklyn, NY.

    2016    Unraveled, group exhibition, Beirut Art Center, curator Marie Muracciole, Rachel Dedman, Beirut, Lebanon.

    2015    Empty, group exhibition, curator Janna Luttrell, Buckley Memorial Gallery, NY.

    2015    Hunter MFA Graduate Exhibition, 205 Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.

    2014    Double Take, group exhibition, curator Brooke Tomillo, Youme Haus, Williamsburg, NY.

    2014    Legacy, group exhibition, curator Lorinne Lee, Silverdale, WA.

    2014    Art Auction, juried exhibition, Novella Gallery, New York, New York.   

    2014    “Shall We Talk or Will We Gaze?,” solo exhibition, 201 Hudson Gallery Project Space, New York, NY.

    2013    The Big Question, group exhibition, curator Keena Gonzalez, Michael Berube, Openings, New York, NY.

    2013    Traveling Exhibition, group exhibition, curator Elisa Clark, Brooklyn, NY.

    2013    DETOUR, May, 2013, group exhibition, Local Project, curator Elisa Clark, Long Island City, NY.